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Alcolase is a Danish life science start-up focusing on alcohol flush, founded by students from DTU and UCPH

Consuming alcohol is a part of celebratory traditions all over the world. But did you know that an estimated 540 million people in Southeast Asia suffer from a genetic disorder that makes them alcohol intolerant? Symptoms of alcohol intolerance, or alcohol flush, are facial flushing, an increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea, and headache.
Today, there is no remedy to alcohol flush.

We strive to change that!

Our vision is to change the global alcohol culture and
reduce the occurrence of alcohol-related diseases

Alcolase was founded in the Fall of 2020. The three founders, Mads, Mikkel, and Jeppe met to discuss the question: “where is there an unmet need that can be solved by using our life-science passion and expertise?”. Since then, much has happened. In July 2021, Alcolase was founded as an ApS, we were part of the excellent InnoFounder Graduate program, have been part of innovation hubs at UCPH and DTU, and have had some incredible experiences in our start-up adventure!
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Meet the team

Mads, co-founder and CEO of Alcolase

Mads Emil Mikkelsen
CEO and Co-founder

Mikkel, co-founder and CSO of Alcolase

Mikkel Holstener Precht
CSO and Co-founder

Jeppe, co-founder and CBO of Alcolase

Jeppe Malthe Mikkelsen
CBO and Co-founder

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Hessel√łgade 56, 1. 117.
CVR: 42551759

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